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About Myxt

Myxt is how you play, organize, and share your recordings — before you publish them.

We're a very small team attempting to make a big music service. Myxt is building an application and suite for managing music files, workflow, listening, reviewing, sharing, and annotation for digital creators and their collaborators and close-knit fans. We're currently five people and growing. We're hiring, too.

Myxt was started by...

Chris: a musician and early engineer at Google who started the popular Google Reader app used by millions worldwide. Chris then went on to work at Twitter as the lead on implementing its Retweet feature. He also started Thing Labs, Avocado Software, and was most recently the chief product officer at Tierra.

Sheena: Stripe's fourth employee who helped lead the efforts to build their API, dashboard, subscription management products, and first expansion into an international market. Sheena was also a co-founder at Mockingbird, an online wireframing tool, and co-created Spoke, a popular open source peer-to-peer texting tool.

If you have any questions, we are updating our help site as Myxt gets better. Or you can just send a message to us at any time to find out more.