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About Myxt

If you are like us, you make a lot of recordings. And you need a place to put them that treats them like audio files and not images or office documents or whatever.

Use Myxt to listen to your recordings anywhere before you publish to Spotify/Apple/etc.

And Myxt is more than just a useful backup and playback service, it's also a place to write lyrics or notes or comments or make dedicated rooms to your work so it's finally easy to share those before releasing publicly.

Myxt was started by Chris Wetherell (a software engineer who helped make stuff at Google/Twitter/etc and makes songs as a long-time musician) who wanted to make something to help audio creators. Our first version was built by Chris W. and Sheena Pakanati with support from other people who are curious about this idea.

If you have any questions, we are updating our help site as Myxt gets better. Or you can just hit up Chris at any time to find out more.