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A place for your recordings

Available for web, iOS, and Android.

Myxt is a streaming app for your own tracks.

Create audio in your favorite DAW then use Myxt for backups, sharing, and organizing. Listen to your work everywhere, easily and without any hassle.

  • Upload your MP3s or WAV files.
  • On web, iPhone, and Android.
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Keep your tracks organized and easy to find while keeping backups of original files.

Myxt has search and organizing tools to allow you to easily categorize and find your own work. Use Myxt to be your backup drive and file browser.

  • Create playlists.
  • Sort into playable folders.
  • Search by track information. (Including your own lyrics.)
  • Create shareable links for any folder, playlist, or track.
  • Add notes to tracks to keep useful data at hand.
A screenshot of Myxt playlists in our mobile app
A screenshot of the home page for the Myxt web app
playlists are cool. but you know what's cooler?

Make rooms with guests to share your tracks.

Sharing privately is easy with Myxt. Avoid clunky office apps for sharing. Myxt allows you to share to exclusive groups and use a real audio app for listening.

  • Invite up to hundreds of listeners to a room.
  • Allow other users to add tracks and manage membership.
  • Allow chat and comments.
A screenshot of a room on Myxt

Add lyrics and create a follow-along experience.

Use Myxt to keep lyrics and bars updated. Use a tap-to-time button to show when some text happens in a song and let listeners see them during playback.

  • Copy and paste lyrics easily.
  • Tap a button to assign a line of text to a timestamp.
  • Be creative! Try just annotating your work, too.
I never know if it makes much sense at all
If you just knew how much that you helped me
I go back and forth instead
All the pacing in my head's no use
Analyzing what you said

Comment on tracks and share specific track times to everyone in a room.

Myxt makes it even easier to give feedback on audio. Just tap a button while commenting to let people know exactly what part of the track you were talking about.

A screenshot of comments on Myxt
Myxt is your audio service.
Try it now.