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Audio sharing. Upgraded.

Free 16GB storage for musicians. Send beautiful links. Complete notes. Gather feedback.

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Available for web, iOS, and Android.

Don't just drop audio in a box.

Make the most of your audio using the tools at Myxt.
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Promote your creations.

Easily produce lyric videos, visualizers, preview, and images for social promotion on any platform.

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Group up.

Make shared spaces for any collaborators to help manage, edit, or comment, on any shared files.

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Separate stems from files to access individual multitracks.

Use Myxt to export stems to extract samples or different instruments for another project.

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Receive files easily with inboxes.

Customize and organize drop locations for anyone to send their audio files.

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Match audio to a reference track with AI

Upload a reference track and Myxt will make a new version to match the dynamics, stereo image, and frequency response.

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Hear what professionals have to say about Myxt

Charles Glover, Squadda B
Rapper and producer
“I use Myxt for a variety of things. I'll create Groups with other producers I'm sharing music with and be able to quickly upload new music or versions of song. As soon as we make a song in the studio, we can upload it and I can go to the car and listen to it straight from there. On every upload it shows the BPM, and as a Producer and a rapper, I need BPM. I'm able to manipulate things straight off of that, and its something that engineers are looking for all the time.”
Rob Schwartz
CEO and Founder of Distro Fest, Co-Founder of PLAY Music Conference
“Play Music Conference was initially planning on using Google Drive for artist submissions, but had issues with file permissions and organization. Myxt made submissions easy and concise. It looked better for musicians that were submitting to PMC to have a cool platform where the files could be shared amongst all parties involved. Myxt also helped us when we needed to reach out to the producer directly when we needed to make changes to the submitted files.”
Carlos Calderon
Bassist, Mengers
“We started the band by recording ourselves on our phone and sending tracks over email. I remember our emails were complicated to track and super heavy, so we had to make all our recordings under one minute. Myxt has helped us make music without the technical disadvantages.”

Compare to alternatives

A guide to why people choose Myxt as their preferred audio workspace tool.


Box is a great service with a large free tier. But you can't search for tracks by lyrics or dialogue. And there's no easy way to store or edit audio metadata.


Dropbox has one of the world's best smart sync features. But it doesn't have playlists or the ability to match the dynamics of reference tracks.

Google Drive

Google Drive is accessible from nearly everywhere in the world. But you can't create visualizers or lyric videos to help promote your audio.


WeTransfer allows you to easily send large media files. But it can't detect the BPM or chords of any audio or songs you've uploaded. Or easily edit the artists of hundreds of tracks in a quick bulk edit mode.

SoundCloud is a fantastic grassroots publisher for music. But it's hard to create teams, manage tracks in folders, make multiple inboxes, edit lyrics, or record a topline over any of your tracks.


Disco is fantastic for managing libraries. But it doesn't have an AI-powered lyric editor or video exports or stems separation or AI match mastering or track versioning or visualizers or video exports.